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Nuvo Standard Extra Electronic Cigarette Battery


Extend your smoking time with a second battery. High quality Lithium Ion batteries charge quickly AND have longer life. The battery comes in silver with an LED color tip.

The NuvoCig Extra Battery has the Following Features:

• 180 mAh  
• 3.7 volts  
• 1.5 hour charge time
• Good for over 300 charges

The Nuvo Extra Battery comes in brushed Silver color with a colored tip.

Safety Instructions:
ONLY CHARGE THIS BATTERY WITH THE NUVO STANDARD BATTERY CHARGERS. In addition, please be advised that all rechargeable batteries, while being charged, have the rare potential to overheat. Therefore it is recommended to place the battery while being charged on non-flammable surfaces such as ceramic, stone or metal. Avoid placing it near flammable materials such as carpet, draperies, cardboard or wood. Do not leave batteries unattended while being charged. Be advised that failure to follow all safety guidelines described above would void Nuvo's warranty and would release Nuvo from liability for any damage caused by lack of compliance with our safety guidelines.

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