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NuvoCig Ultimate Battery


The NuvoCig Ultimate Battery and the new and improved NuvoCig Ultimate Battery C are eGo-style batteries that really enhance your vaping experience. A more powerful vapor hit and much longer periods between charging. If you are used to our standard batteries, it will seem like this battery never dies!

The NuvoCig Ultimate Battery is available in two formats:

NuvoCig Compact Ultimate Battery
New and improved - compact design, light to carry, excellent vapor production.
» 650 mAh
» 72 mm
» 3.7 Volts
» 26.5 g

NuvoCig Ultimate Battery (eGo style)
» 1000 mAh
» 97 mm
» 4.2 Volts
» 34.5 g

Safety Instructions:

Each battery has a 5 push safety button, so you never have to worry about your battery turning on if the button is accidentally pressed. Just push the button 5 times to lock the battery in the "off" position, and 5 more time to lock it back to the "on" position.

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