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Smoking Costs Money, Quite A Bit! If you buy tobacco cigarettes regularly, you know what a significant dent a pack can put in your pocketbook. And if you live in a state where the tobacco taxes are higher, you could be spending hundreds of dollars a month just to take a puff on your lunch break.

With electronic cigarettes, that monthly budget will go down! Vapor smoking is far less expensive, offering significant savings over time. Although initial investment in your e-cigarette starter kit may set you back more than a single pack of traditional cigarettes, your monthly expenditures will be lower. Much, much lower!

Let’s do the math, calculating based on the lower end (about $7 per pack). Nuvo cartomizers are sold in packs of 5, which is equivalent to approximately 10 packs of traditional cigarettes. Using that to complete the estimation, the breakdown is as follows:

Nuvo Cartomizers

Traditional Cigarettes

Nuvo Cartomizer Price

Traditional Cigarette Price

1 five pack

10 packs

$19.99 (1 five pack)

$70 (10 packs)

3 five packs

30 packs

$18.99 (3 five packs)

$210 (30 packs)

4 five packs

40 packs

$16.99 (4 five packs)

$280 (40 packs)

5 five packs

50 packs

$15.99 (5 five packs)

$350 (50 packs)

Remember, the cost of a pack of cigarettes varies from state to state. For example, if you live in New York City, a pack of cigarettes is about $12. For some smokers, the cost of traditional cigarettes can be over $4,000 a year. Compare that to about $120 in Nuvo e-cig costs.

NuvoCig also offers discounts on bulk purchases, so your cost actually goes down the more you purchase! So, you get the overall financial picture.

So what will you do with that extra savings from switching to e-cigs? You do the math!