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How to Use The Nuvo e-Pipe

1. Unscrew bottom of e-Pipe head and insert blue cylindrical battery. Re-screw the bottom back to the head.

2. Take out wick from refillable clearomizer tank - it is the only removable part and juts out as a small pointy end opposite the drip tip.

WARNING: Do not put E-liquid in the middle hole

3. Fill the clearomizer with an e-Liquid of your choice and replace the wick into it’s place in the clearomizer tank.

4. Screw the clearomizer tank onto the battery.

5. You may now begin to use the e-Pipe by pressing the button on the battery housing unit and inhaling through the clearomizer tank.

**Note that the e-Pipe battery should be fully charged (12 hours) prior to initial use**