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NuvoCig Longer Lasting USB Kit


Kit Includes:
* 1 standard SILVER battery ( 3.7v 180mAh )
* 2 Cartomizers (Last approximately 4 packs total)
* 1 USB Charger

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Add a Portable Charger to your kit for only $9.99! (50% off the original price)

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Enjoy all the pleasures of smoking ANYWHERE. Are you always within reach of your computer? Costantly on the go? Then this is the kit for you. With the easy-to-use USB charger, charging your NuvoCig got even easier. The USB Kit comes in two varieties: * Normal Tobacco Flavor - High * Cool Menthol Flavor - High

USB Kit User Guide (PDF)

Electronic cigarettes is a healthy alternative to cigarettes. However, they are not without their own flaws and one of them is the fact that they run out of power while you are at work, out with friends and family or any other time in which you cannot recharge them.

Thinking about how often you would take a smoke break at work makes it more than clear that you need to be able to use the Nuvo e-cig as often as possible. Now you can with the Nuvo E-Cig USB Charger Kit.

Not only will you be able to recharge your Nuvo e-cig when needed, no matter where you are, but you can fight away the temptation of smoking because you do not have to worry about running out of power. With the kit you receive:

  1. 1 Battery which can be charged from any USB port.
  2. 2 Cartomizers which lasts for 4 packs total.
  3. The USB charger which fits in your travel case or pocket to be used whenever you need it.
  4. Your choice of either Normal Tobacco Flavor or Cool Menthol Flavor.

The ability to use your Nuvo ecig anywhere is a huge advantage as you continue your journey to quit smoking. One of the biggest complaints people have had about electronic cigarettes is that they cannot use them for long periods of time when out in the world, whether it is at work or anywhere else. The Nuvo ecig USB Charger Kit eliminates that issue and gives you the ability to enjoy a safe tobacco whenever you want!

Whether you work in an office or not there is access to a USB port somewhere; on your computer, in your car with an adapter, an outlet and so forth. This USB charger allows you to charge your Nuvo e-cig while working so that you can enjoy your smoking breaks like you always have, but with a safe form of tobacco.

Running errands, going to dinner or any other reason you are out can be hectic on you and give you the urge to have a cigarette. If you have been at work all day and were unable to stop off at home before heading to your errands or a restaurant you may feel the temptation to have a cigarette as you were unable to recharge your electronic one. That is no longer a concern.

Enjoy your Nuvo e-cig wherever and whenever you wish without having to worry about stopping off at home to recharge. Pretty soon it will become so convenient you will wonder why you ever smoked cigarettes at all!

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